Registration Information

Registration for Fall 2018 has closed.

Registration Fees

Registration Fee
Number of players
All Ages/Divisions
1 player

2 players

3 players or more


  • Fees include $24 Lockport Park District fee.
  • The maximum payment for a family is 3 children.
  • Lockport SC does not charge additional fundraiser or participation fees.
  • Division and Age Information

    Age Guide for 2018-2019 Membership Year
    Division School Age Born Between Age
    U5/U6 Pre K-Kind 9/1/12 thru 8/31/14 4-5 yrs old
    U7/U8 1st & 2nd grade 9/1/10 thru 8/31/12 6 & 7 yrs old
    U9/U10 3rd & 4th grade 9/1/08 thru 8/31/10 8 & 9 yrs old
    U11/U12 5th & 6th grade 9/1/06 thru 8/31/08 10 & 11 yrs old
    U13/U14 7th & 8th grade 9/1/04 thru 8/31/06 12 & 13 yrs old
    U15-U19 HS 9-12 9/1/00 thru 8/31/04 14 to 18 yrs old
    This age guide is for games and competitions that begin on or after Sept. 1, 2018. 

    Please note - Lockport SC reserves the right to either combine divisions or change the format listed above based on registration numbers.


    Games for the Fall 2018 season will be on Saturdays beginning 9/15/2018 going thru 11/3/18 (weather permitting).


    Practices day(s), time, location, and number of practices a week are determined by the volunteer parent coach. We also cannot accept any requests to practice/not practice on certain days as the coaches determine their practice schedule after the teams have already been put together.  The best way to have your child placed on a team that fits in your schedule is to volunteer to coach or assist.  

    Your child’s coach will contact your by phone or email before the start of the season. 


    Lockport SC will provide a uniform (jersey, shorts, socks), 1 uniform kit per year, that the player will keep at the end of the season/year. 
    • Soccer cleats (no front toe cleat - i.e. baseball/softball or football cleats) are to be worn.  
    • For player safety, unprotected eyeglasses may not be worn.  Players may either wear prescription sports glasses, sports goggles or sports goggles over glasses.  
    • The wearing of jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, hair beads, etc.), hard casts and any items deemed harmful by the referees are strictly prohibited during games.

    Lockport Soccer's Refund Policy

    Any dropped/withdrawn players refunds after 7/22/2018 will be at a rate of 50% of the fees paid. There will be no refunds given to players who drop/withdraw after 8/1/2018.

    Additional Forms

    IYSA Medical Waiver for all players and coaches:

    To be printed off and turned in to coach 1st day of practice.


    Please consider volunteering to Coach and help provide a fun and quality soccer program for the players!!
    Coaches will receive a 50% discount of 1 players registration fees, per team, reimbursed at the end of season.

    If interested in coaching for the upcoming season, please fill out this form and we'll get in touch.

    Registration FAQ

    What is included in the registration fees?
    • Mandatory insurance coverage
    • Uniform kit (jersey, shorts, and socks)
    • A medal or trophy for each child (each season)
    • A positive soccer experience that is safe, fun, and fair.
    What is NOT included?
    • Shin guards (Children are not allowed to practice or play without shin guards.)
    • A soccer ball (U5-U8: size 3; U10-U12: size 4; U14-U19: size 5)
    • Athletic shoes (soccer cleats are recommended.). Shoes must not have a toe cleat.
    • A water bottle that should be brought to both practices and games.