Coach FAQs 

I’m interested in coaching and/or I have questions about coaching or the coaching program. Whom can I contact?

The first step is to indicate that you wish to volunteer as a coach when you register your child to play. Your name will then be forwarded to the Coach Administrators, who will then contact you with more information concerning volunteer registration and training requirements.

We also welcome any and all inquiries about coaching any of the divisions in our region. Please do not hesitate to contact our Coach Administrator Travis Hughes at

Can I coach in AYSO if I've never coached soccer before? What if I've never played?

Yes! No coaching or playing experience is necessary. We will train you and provide you with the resources you need. Please see our Coaches Resources and Coach Training pages for helpful resources from AYSO along with current information on training and certification opportunities.

What training is provided for coaches?

Training is available in a number of ways. Classes for coaching younger divisions are offered online, and classes for coaching higher divisions are given by our instructors. See Coach Training for more information.

Can you recommend some websites for me to learn more about coaching youth soccer?

Please check out our Coaches Resources page for some great materials and practice games/drills.

What equipment is provided?

At the coaches' meeting held prior to the start of every season, we will provide each coach with some basic equipment every year: a gear bag that includes cones, soccer balls, pump/needles, pinnies, keeper gloves and jersey (for U-10 and above), and first aid supplies.

When and where do I practice? For how long and how often should I hold practice?

All practices are held at Dellwood Park in the designated practice field area. See our Practice Field Map for more information. When and for how long is ultimately at the discretion of you, the coach. We recommend that for U8 and above practices should be approximately 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours long and held 1-2 times a week.

Will I be able to coach my child's team?

Yes. All coaches will be assigned to their own child's team.