After Registration 

What’s Next?

The first games of the Spring 2015 season start April 11th and are played every Saturday until the season ends June 6th. This year we will play the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend (May 23rd).

Near the end of March, team rosters are finalized and distributed to the coaches. Around this time you should be contacted by your child’s coach about the start of the season. Typically in the spring most returning players will remain with their prior teams. But with new players, players who do not return for spring, and in an effort to keep teams fairly-balanced -- some changes do occur.

Practices usually begin 2-3 weeks before the first game. Practice days and times are determined by the individual coach.

Game schedules are likely to be finalized a week or two prior to the first game. Around the same time uniforms are likely to be distributed by the coaches to the new players and players who have switched teams. Because most players will remain on the same team, they will use the same uniform as the Fall season.

Where Do We Play?

All practices are held at Dellwood Park, and most games are played at Hassert Park. If field conditions at Hassert Park are poor due to weather, every effort will be made to play the games at Dellwood Park. For the final week of this season, all games will be played at Dellwood Park. 

Parent FAQs

When will I hear from the coach?

Teams begin practice 2-3 weeks before the season start. Coaches will contact the parents around that time and will give you all the information needed in regards to practices and the start of the season.

What equipment is needed?
  • Shin guards are mandatory and worn under the socks.
  • A soccer ball (U5-U8: size 3; U10-U12: size 4; U14-U19: size 5)
  • Soccer cleats.
  • A water bottle that should be brought to both practices and games.
How will I know if a practice or game is cancelled due to weather?

If there is questionable weather and games or practices need to be cancelled, we will update the homepage of the website and send an email confirming cancellation. With practices, coaches might also decide to cancel. So unless you hear from your coach, get an email, or see the website confirming cancellation, you should assume we are still playing!

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.